Promoting the Market Research Industry for Asia

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Asia Research provides knowledge, information and market intelligence for the market research industry in Asia. Its mission is to promote market research and research best practice in the region through the publication of research articles, industry surveys, market statistics, and company news.

Asia Research Online. Launched in 2012, this is the online access point for companies and individuals in the market research industry in Asia. It provides marketing and research news in and around Asia, a recruitment portal, a regional business directory, regular surveys on the research industry itself, and other services for companies and individuals worldwide interested in market research, market intelligence and best practices in Asia.
Asia Research Magazine. Established in 2005, this is the first industry-wide publication for the market research industry in Asia. The publication highlights the Asia Research surveys, features products and brands, the dynamics of the HR market in Asia, and client company news. The circulation of the quarterly publication is currently around 2,500 across Asia and globally.
Asia Research Breakfast Seminar. Asia Research hosts breakfast seminars in Singapore and Jakarta twice a year, with papers presented by prominent speakers in the Asian market research industry.

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