Opinion pieces across a range of subjects that have an impact on the research / consumer insight industry.

How AI and predictive insights may provide a window into the future

Businesses are always trying to stay one step ahead of their customers, trying to develop products and services that will best suit their needs. Market research has always been one of the tools in the kit to help businesses plan for the future, testing reactions […]

Insights in an inflationary environment

As optimism grows globally that the end of the COVID pandemic may be in sight, manufacturers are increasingly grappling with a new challenge: inflationary pressures. Demand has surged after the decline caused by the pandemic. Unlike some past episodes of inflation, which were more driven […]

Q&A with Julien Chevignon – CEO of YouGov Asia Pacific

Q. Where does YouGov position itself? Are you an online panel company, a full-service consumer insight firm, or a hybrid of sorts? Is your position unique in any way? YouGov is an international research data and analytics group, offering a full range of online research […]

Interview with Kristin Luck – President of ESOMAR

Asia Research spoke with Kristin Luck in October 2021 to assess the state of the consumer insight industry and the key developments to expect in a recovering market. Kristin became President of ESOMAR in March 2021. She runs her own growth strategy consulting firm, and […]

Needs identification

Needs Identification and Idea Screening

Needs identification

We all know that too many newly launched products fail. However, with cost-effective, quick-turnaround online testing now available earlier in the product life cycle, brands can increase product potential by better understanding market/ consumer needs from the outset. By identifying the most important needs and […]

Asian Brands

Where to Next for Asian Brands?

Asian Brands

While the last decade has seen tremendous growth in Asian economies, Asian brands continue to struggle to establish themselves on the world stage, relative to North American and European brands in particular. This phenomenon is plain to see when considering Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands list […]

Digitisation of Indonesia from COVID-19

Digitisation of Indonesia from COVID-19

Digitisation of Indonesia from COVID-19

One of the few upsides of the COVID-19 pandemic for the Indonesian economy has been to transform it away from cash towards electronic payments. Indonesia has been heavily dependent on cash, but when shops and restaurants had to close during the lockdowns, this forced the […]

Voting US

US election brings polling accuracy into question again

Voting US

Most of the opinion pollsters in the US can claim that they were right in predicting a Biden win in the recent US elections. But perhaps only one pollster emerged from the election with any credibility. While the Trafalgar Group incorrectly predicted a Trump win, […]

Move to More DIY Research

The Asia Research Stakeholder Survey showed that 48% of clients put ‘faster turnaround of research’ as a ‘high priority’ for their research needs in the next year, and 37% also state it is a high priority to undertake more DIY research. These findings reflect some […]

Does Gender Matter in Start-Up Investing?

As with almost everything, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to dramatically alter the start-up landscape globally. On the one hand, the massive lay-offs will push some skilled people towards entrepreneurship; on the other hand, start-up funding has been hit hard – for example, Series A+ […]

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