Opinion pieces across a range of subjects that have an impact on the research / consumer insight industry.

Is Burger King Breaking the ‘Mould’?

Is Burger King’s latest advertising campaign, “brave” and “disruptive” as claimed by some in the advertising industry, or just a rotten idea? Burger King claims that the ad is part of a long-term strategy, but is it effective? It is worth considering the campaign in […]

Why Researchers Should Be Relativists

I recently got into a (relatively) heated argument over a beer on the topic of income inequality and the psychology of happiness. My absolutist friend argued that if everybody was wealthier then we would all be happier, whatever the levels of inequality. He refused to […]

Shape-ing Shopper Experiences

In retail environments, brand assets (i.e. recognition) interact with the semiotics of the physical environment through our senses and the psychology of choice. It helps to use behavioural principles structured around the journey through a store, both from the point of view of the shopper […]

Two Divergent Strategies from the BIG PLAYERS

GFK’S SALE OF FOUR DIVISIONS TO IPSOS HIGHLIGHTS On 30th July 2018, Ipsos announced the acquisition of four divisions of GfK’s custom research business, including customer experience, experience innovation, health, and public affairs. The deal, worth €105 million, is for a combined business currently worth […]

Qualifying Market Research’s Quantitative Bias

I recently came across a new term which makes complete sense. ‘Quantification bias’ is the mistaken belief that those things that can be measured are more important than the immeasurable. It is becoming an epidemic in the world of marketing and advertising with the growing […]

What is an insight?

It’s widely agreed in the market research industry that just asking people their opinions isn’t enough to provide insight. I could give you a list of reasons why this will only result in top-level, conscious feedback – we post-rationalise, lie to ourselves, aren’t conscious of […]

Have We Gone Too Far with Storytelling?

Storytelling in market research has been a hot topic for the last decade and continues to be widely debated. Most narratives focus around redefining the work we do (e.g. inspiring or in citing action), making sure our work has impact by framing around the key […]

Market Research in a ‘Post-Truth World’

The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States has broken the rulebook of politics, and many are claiming that the media holds some responsibility for this upset in American politics. We have seen a lot of talk recently of ‘false […]

The Commercial Realities of Brexit

Based on the number of articles we have published on the subject, Asia Research might seem a bit obsessed with Brexit, particularly not being in either the UK or Europe.  But from a trade, financial, and political point of view, Brexit has implications far beyond […]