Opinion pieces across a range of subjects that have an impact on the research / consumer insight industry.

How to Avoid Mrexit

The result of the recent referendum in the UK on membership of the European Union (EU) was a big shock for many, including opinion poll companies. Unfortunately, these companies had been providing remarkably similar forecasts for the last several months as the poll became closer, […]

What will Brexit mean for emerging markets?

The ‘unexpected’ Brexit vote brought renewed volatility to global financial markets, with Asia being no exception. In addition to equities, currencies in Asia also took a hit as a result of the rising US dollar. However, despite the chaos in the immediate aftermath of the […]

The Psychology of Brexit

Brexit was a significant single external event which will impact us all but to differing degrees. It is interesting both for its economic and political implications, but also for the way people have behaved. Emotions direct consumer behaviour and as such it might be worth […]

How to design Cost-Effective, Powerful Market Research – Part 2

Questionnaire Design. Part 1 of this series discussed Sampling, including developing the objectives for your research. Now that you have your sampling determined, here comes the fun part – writing the survey instrument or questionnaire. As with sampling, today’s DIY solutions make the survey writing […]


In my short span of seven years of doing fieldwork and data collection in market research, the rate of change in the industry has been astonishing. Much of it is due to the rapid changes and improvements in technology. For instance, when I first started […]

How to design Cost-Effective, Powerful Market Research – Part 1

Sampling. Market research isn’t just for large enterprises anymore. The advent of do-it-yourself (DIY) online tools has revolutionized market research and made it available to businesses of all sizes. With the digital age comes the ability to conduct research quickly and much less expensively than […]

How Much Does Market Research Software Cost?

I’ve been to a lot of market research conferences in my time. Regular conference attendees like me are used to those general questions you get asked over mid-morning coffee. You can almost answer them without thinking. It’s not all about cost However, at a recent […]

How Does it Feel to Be a Market Researcher in Asia?

As part of the Asia Research magazine’s Staff Satisfaction Survey, TapestryWorks used the StoryWorks® Emotional Profiling tool to capture the feelings of staff through a simple card selection test. Emotional Profiling is based on 12 motivational categories that encapsulate the most fundamental human goals: courage, […]

Updating the definition of the voice of the customer

The term voice of the customer (VOC) has traditionally been interpreted as being analogous with or part of the domain of marketing research (MR). With the advent of customer experience (CX) and enterprise feedback management technology (EFM), many companies are rethinking VOC, often assigning it […]