Opinion pieces across a range of subjects that have an impact on the research / consumer insight industry.

9 types of research bias and how to avoid them

Seasoned research experts know that bias can find its way into any research program – it’s naïve to think that any research could be 100 percent free from it. But when does bias become a problem? And how do we identify and control the sources […]

Enabling a Bright New Future for Market Research

A recent article in the Asia Research quarterly reports a fall in optimism for the opportunities market research has to offer. “Most pessimistic are researchers working in one of the big 4 global firms” – it reports. In my opinion, this change of fortune for […]

Market Research Buyers and SNAPP Decisions

Over the last year, TapestryWorks has been helping many clients decode the complexity of human behaviour to optimise marketing plans, brainstorm behavioural promotional campaigns, audit in-store execution, and understand shopper behaviour. We’ve worked across many different categories, and one of the most common questions is […]

Stakeholders Surveys: Follow-on from the 2013 survey

By the time you read this article, the 2014 Asia Research stakeholder survey will have been run, won, dissected, and reported. As this is the third such survey, we should be able to note any trends and recurring themes. Has the more positive client sentiment, […]

Courting the Asian Luxury Consumer

After years of exceptional growth, a slowdown in luxury retail spending in Asia has been reported recently, in “Rich Pickings”, a report on the Asian luxury goods market by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The report and many other media outlets stated that this can […]

Are MR Firms Losing Their Value?

In theory, market research firms should be good investments. With the exception of the unusual shock of the Global Financial Crisis and its immediate aftermath, the industry has seen consistent growth over the decades. More importantly, there continues to be remarkable growth in emerging markets […]

The Changing Requirements of Chinese Market Research Clients

Since first initiating an on-the-ground presence within China in 1996, we at B2B International have witnessed a very clear transition in terms of the requirements of clients for research into the Chinese market. Furthermore, we believe that these changes have not ceased and are continuing […]

Our Pick of the Papers from ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2013

What’s better than street food in Ho Chi Minh? ESOMAR’s Asia conference (well, nearly). Overall, it is a conference with a fantastic spirit. I enjoyed presenting our paper Brands Without Borders (read the summary here, or get the whole paper here), which I wrote with my American counterpart, Philip McNaughton. […]