Opinion pieces across a range of subjects that have an impact on the research / consumer insight industry.

How Smart Ideas Deliver Inspiration

Many innovations that are seen in modern days came from people who simply had a great business idea and were passionate about it. From such a small beginning, entire industries have been created or transformed. Although many innovations come from the R&D departments, it’s in […]

Do You Know The Future Of Your Brand?

Predicting tomorrow: The holy grail of market research is the ability to predict future behaviour. And more than often, we rely on measuring current behaviour to be able to predict the future. But even the “current” behaviour is actually “past” by the time the results […]

Can Market Research Get Beyond Questions?

The future of questions Everyone likes to make predictions as one year closes and another begins with fresh hopes, although fewer go back to check what they said previously (with some notable exceptions). Rather than make predictions, most of which are guaranteed not to happen, […]

“Less is More” – the new meaning of research

On-line research is no longer the cheap and fast alternative to conventional data collection, but is now defining how to research consumers.   By Piers Lee – Senior Consultant & Managing Director of BDRC Asia The Asia Research annual review of the on-line research business is […]

Brand Destruction – the Unstated Message

By: Andrew Wood, Asia Talent It is sad and amazing to observe the damage done to a company’s brand, built over time, effort and often significant financial investment, by the lack of effective and considered communication with potential employees. Irrespective of the size of the […]

The Truth About Brand Research

By Neil Gains, Tapestry Works ( The secret of great marketing is to make your brand easy to buy.  Making brands easy to buy means building mental availability (through building salient mental connections) and physical availability (breadth and depth of distribution).   Sadly, many marketers […]

CEOs think marketers lack credibility

73 per cent of CEOs think marketers “lack business credibility” and are not the business growth generators they should be, according to damning research by the Fournaise Marketing Group. Fournaise says CEOs and marketers aren’t getting along. The world’s business leaders say their marketing departments […]

The validity of opinions and the reality of behaviour

Will mainstream market research need to rethink its business models and focus over the coming years?  The Asia Research client survey provides some superficially predictable comments on the needs of clients in a changing business environment, but hidden below the surface of the spontaneous feedback […]

Market Research Needs More Than Research Skills

By Neil Gains, Tapestry Works: The New Year brought a wide range of predictions for the future of market research, mixing positive and negative sentiments about the industry.  The majority of the predictions were consistent in seeing a future where market researchers would need […]