Increasing Online Conversion by Reducing Psychological Distance

In today’s crowded online marketplace, we all face the same challenge: how do we attract and convert shoppers? While increased media spend is an almost guaranteed way to attract more people to an online platform, getting them to actually buy is a whole different ball […]

REELING THEM IN – the path to customer activation through social media

BDRC presented a paper that addressed the tricky issue of how brands today should acquire new customers when so many of the traditional channels to customer activation have been closed. For example, telesales has traditionally been used by financial services companies to find new wealth […]

The New Face of Customer Experience: How to Turn Bad Profits into Good Profits

Imagine what could happen if your existing customers felt misled or had a negative experience related to needless charges on any service or subscription. Bad profits arise from the sale of a product through misleading messaging and unclear pricing strategies – for instance, if you […]

The New Full-Service Research Firms

As we all know, clients are increasingly insourcing their research. Many corporations have set up internal insight departments whereby design, analysis, and reporting of surveys can be handled internally. The key motives for insourcing, as reported in our client survey at the beginning of this […]

Fusing Insight with Data Science

Asia Research has interviewed Joaquim Bretcha, the new president of ESOMAR, about what the research business should be doing to adapt to the new consumer insight ecosystem. Despite the pressure on the research business, ESOMAR continues to report year-on-year growth, with Asia Pacific still being […]

The Rise of AI in Market Research

Who wouldn’t like speed and efficiency in market research? Who in business doesn’t want smooth and faster workflows? Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are unveiling a new age of automation in market research that is bridging the gaps and solving business challenges swiftly. […]

Connecting the Dots to Measure Marketing Impact

The need to measure (short-term) marketing campaigns Against the backdrop of fierce competition for market share and increasingly fragmented media channels, marketers are invariably required to justify advertising spends by demonstrating the return on investment through various KPIs. Whether one is analysing product sales, awareness […]

A Different Kind of Panel

The SME Series from BVA BDRC Interview with Alexia Sichere & Maelle Pochat, founders of the consumer product review site Try & Review In 2016, two French entrepreneurs in Singapore decided to set up a product review site where consumers could share their thoughts and […]

Third Culture Kids and International Schooling

‘Third Culture Kids’ are a growing segment of the Asian market – so how does this impact the choice of schooling? Firstly, how are we defining Third Culture Kids (TCKs)? There are several definitions, but TCKs are generally assumed to be children raised in a […]

The Asia Research Stakeholder Survey

The Annual Stakeholder Survey that was recently conducted by Asia Research shows that research/consumer insight is gaining status in client organisations. However, data is now so widely used within organisations that it is becoming commoditised – the traditional client/agency relationship is being undermined, and ‘insight’ […]