Human Resources

HR issues effecting the research industry, e.g. recruitment, talent management, training, staff surveys, etc.

Brand Destruction – the Unstated Message

By: Andrew Wood, Asia Talent It is sad and amazing to observe the damage done to a company’s brand, built over time, effort and often significant financial investment, by the lack of effective and considered communication with potential employees. Irrespective of the size of the […]

The validity of opinions and the reality of behaviour

Will mainstream market research need to rethink its business models and focus over the coming years?  The Asia Research client survey provides some superficially predictable comments on the needs of clients in a changing business environment, but hidden below the surface of the spontaneous feedback […]

Partnerships, Now and Forever

By Andrew Wood, Senior Consultant, Asia Talent Even after the recent tumultuous times our industry has endured, it is surprising (and disappointing) to observe employers and employees being primarily focused on employment as being no more than “what’s in it for me”! This is dangerous […]

Have Leaders Forgotten How to Ask Questions?

Asia Research 2010 Year End Staff Satisfaction Survey reveals that ‘Leadership’ in agencies is paramount, but often overlooked The overall leadership of an organization ranks as one of the most important factors to staff satisfaction among employees working in market research agencies in Asia.  This […]

HR in China

By Mark Hedley, B2B International Despite having a population of 1.3BN, hiring and motivating Chinese research executives and managers is a significant challenge for many companies operating in the region.  The country’s rapid transition from the planned economy of thirty years ago to the liberalized […]

Market Research Needs More Than Research Skills

By Neil Gains, Tapestry Works: The New Year brought a wide range of predictions for the future of market research, mixing positive and negative sentiments about the industry.  The majority of the predictions were consistent in seeing a future where market researchers would need […]

2008 Year End Staff Satisfaction Survey

At the close of 2008, Asia Research undertook a survey of staff working in the market research industry in Asia.  The objectives of the survey were to measure staff satisfaction with their employers and salaries paid across various management levels.  It also dontevaluated the general […]

2009 Year End Staff Satisfaction Survey

In December 2009, Asia Research undertook its second annual cross industry survey of people working in the market research industry.  This included people working client-side and agency-side; agencies spanned the full range of management levels from Researcher to Managing Director.  The survey represented the large […]