Human Resources

HR issues effecting the research industry, e.g. recruitment, talent management, training, staff surveys, etc.

Talent in On-Line Panel Companies

In March 2010, Asia Research interviewed Martin Filz, Regional Director for on-line panel company Research Now, and reports on the HR dynamics in on-line panel companies today. Martin comments that simply being an ‘on-line’ business tends to attract go getting individuals keen to develop a […]

HR Demand / Supply review 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, we look back at the Asia Talent HR Indices for the year and see how demand and supply of candidates has evolved and its implications on the recruitment business in Asia.  Firstly it is evident that the supply of […]

The Expat Conundrum

By Andrew Wood, Senior Consultant, Asia Talent With so much talk about the Eurozone Crisis and the threat of a double dip recession in the US, the global research industry is looking more to Asia for growth and for new investment opportunities.  As seen in […]