Online Research

Online Market Research the Japanese Way

Online research comes of age From my start in the industry in the mid-2000s, I have seen online research grow in popularity and acceptance in Japan. Over time, I have seen inherent resistance towards online drop as Japanese companies have come to rely more and […]

New Traditional Media

As the economic downturn causes dwindling circulations, publishers must take a more consultative approach to content With news in recent years of publications either losing readers or worse, having to fold the operation entirely, it is more important than ever publishers consult readers about what […]

Collaborating with Consumers in Asia

Online research communities are the new star in market research. These online platforms connect a company with a group of interested and interesting consumers to collaborate with in qualitative research. With the rise of social media, Asian consumers are ready, more than ever, to co-create […]

Research @ the Speed of Thought

All consumer research, in one way or the other, boils down to an understanding of consumer decision-making or ‘preference’. However, most marketers would agree that consumer-preference is a complex phenomenon, embedded in layers of rational and emotional connections and often as much driven by the […]

Google Consumer Surveys – Friend or Foe?

  The long anticipated entry of Google into market research has got the industry talking. While e-commerce encroaches more and more on service industries, the question is how the market research industry will be affected by one of the world largest brands providing a low […]

Big Data, Big Change?

What will the entry of Google into market research mean for the industry?   Google Consumer Surveys is a deceptively simple product. Limited questions, simple (and low) pricing, and the promise of focused customer feedback. Other DIY tools such as Survey Monkey (which I use […]

Consolidate or die? M&A among panel companies

The merger of GMI and Lightspeed Research has created one of the world’s largest on-line panel companies.  Of course mergers and acquisitions in this business are not new; in the last few years we have seen Research Now & e-Rewards and Ciao & Greenfield come […]

“Less is More” – the new meaning of research

On-line research is no longer the cheap and fast alternative to conventional data collection, but is now defining how to research consumers.   By Piers Lee – Senior Consultant & Managing Director of BDRC Asia The Asia Research annual review of the on-line research business is […]

Online Research in China

By Mark Hedley, B2B International: Growing internet usage in China in recent years has meant that online methods are an increasingly viable form of carrying out market research in the country. According to the China Internet Network Information Center, China had 485 million internet […]