Methods for accessing respondents, survey platforms / interfaces, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Going Green is a Means of Gaining Competitive Advantage

Although green technology is not new, the recession has made companies realise that going green can be a means of gaining competitive advantage. Not just organisations, but governments and consumers too are adopting green measures, giving a boost to environmentalism. Different IT companies are taking […]

Cloud Computing – the Future of IT Operations

  Cloud computing, the latest (R)evolution in IT, is expected to affect organisations worldwide. One of the biggest advantages is that it eliminates the need for maintaining a separate IT platform, resulting in significant cost savings. At the beginning there were only a handful of […]

Branded Panels: How Candidness Attracts a new and invaluable insight.

In today’s social media-driven market—in which transparency is among the most potent loyalty drivers of all—a new and powerful research tool has emerged – the online branded panel. Where traditional panels will always be indispensible for their detachment—for how they reach respondents anonymously through an […]

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