Methods for accessing respondents, survey platforms / interfaces, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Optimise Your E-Commerce Strategies for Disrupted Consumer Behaviour

A massive acceleration in online activity has been one of the most obvious changes to consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis. Whether or not consumers revert to old habits and choices will depend on whether the new experience is a good one or not. With […]

Gaming a Catalyst for 5G in Asia

The introduction of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphone line in February has far-reaching implications beyond the telecom giant’s balance sheet. This will be the first time a mainline 5G flagship smartphone series will be introduced to the market, and telecom operators in the US are awaiting […]

Mobile payment Asia

Mobile Payment in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities

Mobile payment Asia

Survey reveals insights into challenges and opportunities for mobile payment in Asian markets.   The Mobile Payment industry has demonstrated an increasing presence and influence in Asia. Despite the promise it shows, there are still challenges that remain for those who are looking to take […]

Mobile Payment in Asia: Insights on Consumer Preferences

Survey reveals insights into consumer preferences for mobile payment across the region. Asia is a hotbed of competition for mobile payment providers, with different countries at different stages of development in the transition from cash to modern digital alternatives. But what is mobile payment used […]

Mobile Payment in Asia – Part 1

Survey reveals trends and insights on mobile payment markets across the region The use of mobile phones has been rising in Asia, and with it the technology for making mobile payments. But will this new technology dethrone the traditional payment method of cash? A recent […]

Four key lessons about the Asian mobile industry

The mobile industry is impossible to ignore. In recent years, its wide reach and rapid growth has helped it to infiltrate almost every other global industry, and it shows no signs of stopping. Forecasts predict that 71% of the world’s population will be using mobile […]

AI – The Next Generation of Research

Market research has for decades relied on researchers asking questions, and on respondents giving answers to those questions.  We have, of course, gotten a lot smarter about asking the questions and understanding the answers, but we are still learning.   Projective techniques, metaphoric thinking, and […]

Potential Disruptors

Jonathan T. Mall, CEO and founder of neuromarketing and AI company Neuro Flash, talks to us about how implicit insights from big data are changing the market research industry. The world of market research is changing. As technology advances, we are discovering exciting new ways […]

Machine Learning Bolsters Market Research

Take, for example, an insights professional planning a survey of 1,000 people who drive a specific make and model of motorbike and live in the London area. A traditional survey approach would be to send the survey to 200 people who have been pre-identified by […]

Community Spirit

As seen in the recent Asia Research Buyer Surveys, very few clients across the region have used online communities: around 15% in Singapore and just 2% in Indonesia. As community experts, we at Join the Dots have a vested interest in increasing this, but it […]