Methods for accessing respondents, survey platforms / interfaces, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Potential Disruptors

Jonathan T. Mall, CEO and founder of neuromarketing and AI company Neuro Flash, talks to us about how implicit insights from big data are changing the market research industry. The world of market research is changing. As technology advances, we are discovering exciting new ways […]

Machine Learning Bolsters Market Research

Take, for example, an insights professional planning a survey of 1,000 people who drive a specific make and model of motorbike and live in the London area. A traditional survey approach would be to send the survey to 200 people who have been pre-identified by […]

Community Spirit

As seen in the recent Asia Research Buyer Surveys, very few clients across the region have used online communities: around 15% in Singapore and just 2% in Indonesia. As community experts, we at Join the Dots have a vested interest in increasing this, but it […]

Beyond the Black Box: Digital Ad Measurement Comes of Age

Advertising research is undergoing radical change as ad spend continues to grow steadily but shifts from offline to digital. Some facts: • Global digital ad spend is projected to grow from $194 billion in 2016 to $335 billion by 2020. • Last year digital ad […]

The Growing Importance of Social Media for Business

Social media has become a major part of everyday life. Often these platforms get a reputation for sharing food choices or selfies, and the usage numbers show that Thailand’s social media has one of the highest usage rates in the world, yet there has been […]

Calling Full Time on Non-Mobile Research

Researchers have long been obsessed with talking about mobile. Mobile first. Mobile-optimised. Mobile-ready. These days, the discussion about whether and how to mobile-optimise surveys shouldn’t even be a discussion; mobile is how people do things online, whether it’s instant messaging, catching up on the news, […]

Using Video to Reinvigorate the Open Question

Over the past 15 years, online data collection has proved itself to be the pre-eminent data collection mode. Being both electronic and a form of self-completion, it is inherently better than any other data collection method. Given its advantages, however, one question type has suffered: […]

AI Chatbot puts Consumer Insights in your pocket

Amazon, Facebook, and Apple already know it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and it will have a huge impact on our lives. Will it also impact the market research industry? Of course! And instead of fearing the inevitable, we had better talk about […]

5 Tips for Better Consumer Insights

The term ‘big data’ has been talked about for quite a while. Yes, we live in a data-rich world; companies have built up databases that contain enormous customer records, both online and offline. But the challenge – and opportunity – is not in gathering the […]

What You Should Know About Digital Tracking

Gathering data alone is not enough. As market researchers, we also have to make sense of the vast quantities of information collected. This is why Toluna is buying Crossense, a startup with unique digital tracking technology that keep tabs on consumers’ digital behaviour across different […]