Methods for accessing respondents, survey platforms / interfaces, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Something Borrowed: Cross-Industry Innovation

From wearable technology such as Google Glass and the Nike Fitband, all the way to 3D printers, the recent buzz about new technological advancements has been deafening. There is no doubt that the rapid and wide range of technological advances across all industries has had […]

It’s not about “research” at all

According to the 2013 IBM C-Suite study, only 34% of organisations have an in-depth understanding of their customers; however, by 2017 it is projected that 78% of organisations will have that in-depth understanding of their most important asset, their customers. What is missing from many […]

Good Data

The buzzwords in research might be big data and providing insights, but it is at the industry’s peril that it neglect the seemingly simple task of providing data and what research buyers may want. Tabulations were once the main deliverable, but this broadened to PowerPoint […]

Do We Ask the Right Questions?

In order to stay ahead of the competition in a constantly changing global environment, clients demand information that is timely, reliable and accurate. In the case of a global market research study, the cost of being timely (i.e. fast) can be a lack of understanding of […]

Google Glass: Survey

A survey by Toluna, revealed that while nearly half (48%) of consumers in Singapore would consider buying Google Glass, nearly three-quarters (74%) have concerns around their safety and the safety of others while people are wearing them. The survey was undertaken amongst a representative sample […]

Do I Have Your Attention?

Inattention or natural human behaviour? Re-examining the case of the failure to “mark a 2. I noticed an interesting and puzzling figure in a paper by Burke Research presented at the 2009 CASRO conference. The paper, authored by Miller and Baker-Prewitt, ably demonstrated that at […]

The Asian Mobile Consumer Decoded

Smartphone penetration in Asia Pacific has continued to see exponential growth in recent years, and in a number of markets is approaching saturation point and surpassing penetration in the US and many European nations, according to a report released by Nielsen. The report, Decoding the […]

The Mobile Revolution

Right before the 3rd MRMW North America conference 2013 in Minneapolis later this week, I had the chance to interview Dan Foreman, Head of Business Development at Lumi Mobile and elected president of ESOMAR 2013/14. As director at Lumi, a market leader in real-time mobile […]