Interview: Divya Nagarajan– Givaudan at MRMW 2017

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  • Ensuring research tools complement and support each other
  • Connecting and integrating multiple sets of data for a deeper, more thorough analysis
  • Reapplying what you know in new ways and enjoy the journey


Divya Nagarajan has more than 2 decades of experience in marketing and insights with multinational organisations in APAC. Her
experience spans several areas such as brand building, brand communication, entry in emerging markets to specific
product design and innovation. She is passionate about impacting business through insights and enabling decisions to move the business forward.
In her spare time, she curates magazines around innovation and leadership that have wide viewership online. Occasionally she dons a writer’s hat to write on subjects close to her heart.
Divya has a Bachelor of Science from Mumbai University, India and an MBA from Cranfield University, U.K. She is also a member of Chartered institute of Marketing – U.K.