The quarterly publication of Asia Research includes highlights of surveys on the market research industry itself, features on products and brands in Asia, the dynamics of the HR market in Asia, and company news. Regular features include:

  • The Buyer Survey – a telephone survey of corporations in Asia that hire external research agencies.
  • The Employee Survey – a cross agency and client-side on-line staff survey.
  • The Salary Survey – a cross agency and client-side survey of salaries and employee benefits.
  • The Annual Review of the On-Line Research Business in Asia – latest trends in on-line and mobile survey technology based on interviews with the heads of the leading on-line panel and fieldwork companies in Asia.
  • Uncle’s Chat – the latest trends and news from the research recruitment industry.
  • The Innovative Insights Corporation – a satirical view on market research.

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Environmental Awareness

Why have hard copy? Asia Research believes that in order to cut through the clutter, hard copies are effective in reaching the target audience of research professionals and research buyers often overwhelmed with e-based information.

We are environmentally aware. All publications are printed on eco-friendly paper and have the FSC label. FSC certified forest products are verified from the forest of origin through the supply chain. The FSC label ensures that the forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources. For more information:

Industry reports:

Asia Research undertakes two surveys on an annual basis:

The Buyer Survey – this telephone-based survey assesses the purchase decisions made by corporations who use research. Subject matters vary year-on-year according to what is pertinent for the industry. Usually the topics cover the general dynamics and trends in clients’ research buying behaviour, how clients select their agencies, clients’ brand awareness and usage of market research agencies, and their opinions of specific market research vendors in the market.

The Employee Survey – this on-line survey is conducted among individuals working either agency or client side. It assesses satisfaction with current employer overall and on a range of Employee Value metrics. In addition it understands the general dynamics of job switching in the industry and provides a benchmark for salaries across markets and management levels.

Highlights from each survey are published in the Q1 and Q2 editions of Asia Research.

The full report and data set from these surveys are available on a commercial basis from Asia Research.

The surveys are designed to help agencies in their business planning, new business development, corporate communications, and HR policy and development. For more details please contact us.

We also offer Asia Research-authored white papers, advertorials and articles based on primary and secondary research, developed and conducted in conjunction with various experts and companies in Asia’s research industry.

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