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Reviews of the research / consumer insight industry, global economic matters, industry overviews with survey elements, etc.

Post-pandemic strategies for the Japanese tourism industry

Countries in lockdown, airline companies barely afloat. What is there for the tourism industry besides government bailouts? Ubiquitous ads have lost their touch. Catching up with target audience insights is the key. Taiwan is falling out with Japan in tourism and physical goods Japan has […]

The Economic Fallout of COVID-19 in Singapore

What can we expect? The stated actions from consumers, e.g. via survey research, are not always deemed reliable. But the COVID-19 lockdown has given people plenty of time to think, so System 2 thinking can be a fair indicator of intended actions, particularly regarding more […]

Recovery Through Optimism

How consumer and business morale can help build economic recovery Most economies go through periodic downturns, and the road to recovery is partly built upon improving consumer and business confidence and optimism. Asia has benefitted from quick recoveries from crises in the past – e.g. […]

Supply-Side Changes

How suppliers and types of research will evolve in a post-COVID-19 world The third article in our series about how COVID-19 will change the market research industry in Asia looks at the implications of the demand-side changes for the supply side of the industry. This […]


Demand-Side Changes


How buyers and the buying of research will evolve in a post-COVID-19 world Many agencies agree that COVID-19 represents such an upheaval to markets that it will prompt a complete rethinking of corporate strategy, and implicitly this should provide opportunities for market research companies during […]

Big consumer data: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Big data, customer relationship management, customer analytics, and other similar terms are hot topics right now, with companies investing substantial time and funds to try and use their customer data to improve their performance. Yet most companies report poor returns from these efforts and struggle […]

REELING THEM IN – the path to customer activation through social media

BDRC presented a paper that addressed the tricky issue of how brands today should acquire new customers when so many of the traditional channels to customer activation have been closed. For example, telesales has traditionally been used by financial services companies to find new wealth […]

Four ways to increase marketing research effectiveness

After attending a WARC seminar on marketing effectiveness this morning, I left with a strong impression that many recent findings in marketing science are struggling to find acceptance in marketing and in my own profession of market research. A recent book, Eat Your Greens, published […]

Solving real business problems and delivering real results

Duxton Consulting presented a paper with a communications focus and went on to win Best Paper in our post-event survey. Laurenz Koehler, a partner at Duxton Consulting, argued that there has been a fundamental change in their corporate culture with respect to marketing communications. Chief […]

How Quickly Does The Market Research Industry Change And Why?

We are coming up to the time of year when pundits write about trends and innovations in market research for the coming year. But why are such predictions often too optimistic about the speed with which such innovations will be adopted? I recently had the […]