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Data quality Asia PureSpectrum

In APAC, Quality Matters

Data quality Asia PureSpectrum

Quality is once again growing as a central issue in data collection/sample fulfilment. It is often overlooked, or the responsibility is assumed to be on another layer of the market research supply chain. The ultimate client entrusts an agency or boutique, who then almost always […]

Brand Health

Brand Health and Your Business: Is Your Brand Fit for the Future?

Brand Health

The days of doing things the way they’ve always been done and expecting similar results are over. Global changes have turned everything on its head, from what consumers demand from brands to how companies handle ever-changing demands. Losing touch with your target audience isn’t an […]

Agile new product development

We’re navigating challenging times and they require increasingly innovative and agile solutions to keep up. But how can businesses truly understand what their target audience expects without hearing from them directly? The answer is simple: they can’t. Consider this: with people staying at home more […]

mobile research

Understanding Consumers through Their Mobile Activity

mobile research

A consumer’s thoughts, preferences, and desires can be determined through their online search, browse, stream and surf activity. In the history of marketing, there has never been a more direct, intimate, and current window into the soul of consumers than their online behaviour. In Asia, […]

pricing research

Should you perform pricing research during these unprecedented times?

pricing research

The effects of the Asian recession are predicted to linger long after this initial hit. Pre-COVID levels of GDP are not expected to rebound until late 2021. Amidst the uncertainty, you may be wondering: Should I conduct pricing or portfolio research now? Can I rely […]

Research in Asia in a Post-COVID-19 World

Aggregating the findings from a range of webinars and interviews with experts in the industry, Asia Research Media reports on how the research industry in Asia is likely to change in a post-COVID-19 world. We reference insights from our partner publication Greenbook, ESOMAR, and interviews […]

Increasing Online Conversion by Reducing Psychological Distance

In today’s crowded online marketplace, we all face the same challenge: how do we attract and convert shoppers? While increased media spend is an almost guaranteed way to attract more people to an online platform, getting them to actually buy is a whole different ball […]

Can behavioural insights improve survey response rates?

At the Asia Research Seminar, 2CV presented a paper looking at how their knowledge of consumer behaviour relating to areas such as consumer decision-making can be applied to encourage better response rates to surveys. 2CV pointed out that an increasing challenge in market research is […]

Big consumer data: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Big data, customer relationship management, customer analytics, and other similar terms are hot topics right now, with companies investing substantial time and funds to try and use their customer data to improve their performance. Yet most companies report poor returns from these efforts and struggle […]

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