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The End Of Our Most Cherished Binary Question

We love our binary questions – for example, the simple ‘yes/no’ or ‘true/false’ answer. Brand image questions can be made more user friendly through a set of binary questions, e.g. ‘Which of these statements do you associate with this brand’ (yes/no) as opposed to ‘On […]

How To Retool Insight Teams For More Impact

Unsurprisingly, the skills of researchers have transitioned over time. Ten years ago, we hired ‘all-rounders’ whose skills we could dial up and down to suit all scenarios, from face-to-face qual interviews and focus groups to complex quant surveys. Today, these researchers are still the core […]

Creating Mindful Packaging

Winning at the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) is becoming more and more important with the increasing dominance of self-serve, modern format shopping, as well as e-commerce. However, with increasing fragmentation of the market and the continuous launch of new brands and SKUs, consumers are […]

Why research should be Implicit and Explicit

Increasingly, market researchers are talking about System 1 and System 2 thinking, and the differences between standard market research approaches and more ‘advanced’ ap- proaches, from implicit association tests to measuring brain activity. I believe this dichotomy is mistaken, and that we can and should […]

It’s Good To Listen

Sending a letter across the world once took 10 weeks. Today we can send a WhatsApp message the same distance within 10 seconds. But as the communication evolution continues, the huge volume of digital engagements consumers have on a daily basis makes it difficult for […]

Tips for keeping quant relevant

Survey Writing 101 Clients often tell us that their quant surveys have been neglected over the last few years, left behind in the wake of research innovations focusing on online qual, or technologies like text analytics or facial coding. As a result, they’re still asking […]

Individualism in Indonesia

Across the world we are seeing a rise in individualism. This might feel like a recent phenomenon driven by Millennials, the ultimate ‘me generation’, yet in reality individualism has been on the rise globally for several generations, with recent figures putting growth in individualistic practices […]

Who Are The Real Disruptors In Market Research?

The word ‘disruption’ is commonly used to describe innovation in market research and other industries, but how can we differentiate incremental improvements from changes that are truly disruptive? Many breakthroughs in market research have shaken the industry up, as emerging technologies and ideas often do. […]

The mobile video revolution

There’s no doubt that mobile video is becoming increasingly prevalent in research. It delivers richer insights compared to open questions; helps to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers by bringing the consumer to life, in context; and allows us to create show-stopping outputs. […]

Does language bias market research? Why pictures are more precise than words

The standard model of market research has relied on language as the main medium for understanding behaviour for more than 100 years. But recent discoveries in psychology and behavioural economics suggest that behaviour is driven more by emotions than reason, so is language still the […]