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Implicit Mobile Research Can Minimise Response Bias in Asian Markets

Marketers are realising that the rapidly changing digital landscape requires new methods to accurately assess how today’s consumers think and behave. To evoke everyday uses of mobile technology, these new methods should be entertaining, replacing fact-based questions with fast-paced intuitive exercises. Implicit mobile research also […]

Have We Gone Too Far with Storytelling?

Storytelling in market research has been a hot topic for the last decade and continues to be widely debated. Most narratives focus around redefining the work we do (e.g. inspiring or in citing action), making sure our work has impact by framing around the key […]

Breaking Habits

Corporations are told that they must “innovate or die”, and so they invest significant amounts in new product development. Market research firms are engaged to undertake ideation, product development, and concept testing to help feed new lines of successful products. Much of BDRC Asia’s work […]

Health and Security

As you may recall from our earlier articles, consumer trends are a result of our deep desire to satisfy basic human drivers, and in particular, the need to increase happiness. Our Singapore and UK Culture & Trends teams, along with our global network of local […]

Using Social Listening and Online Communities to Optimise Your Research

As the times change and technologies evolve, it is important that all industries and professions adapt to stay relevant. That, of course, includes market research. Nowadays, social listening and analytics are (or at least should be) an integral part of market research and customer insights. […]

The Great Wall: Decoding Research in China

The Great Wall has been described as a potent Chinese cultural icon that represents both the unification of China as well as its separation, as a nation, from the rest of the world.* This massive example of ancient Chinese architecture exemplifies the collective effort made […]

Don’t Let Short-Term Thinking Kill Creativity

In their most recent report on advertising creativity and effectiveness, the IPA and author Peter Field reach the startling conclusion that both creativity and effectiveness are under threat. And who are the culprits? They believe that short-term thinking – especially a focus on driving rapid […]

Doing It Together – Consumer Trends at Join the Dots

At the beginning of the year, we introduced our Happiness Framework, where our current happiness drivers are Positive Emotions, Engagement, Meaning, Relationships and Achievements. Grounded in academic studies on positive psychology and happiness theories, the framework seeks to demonstrate how happiness is influenced not only […]

Consumer Trends – Let’s Play

In our previous two articles for Asia Research, we introduced Join the Dots’ framework of understanding consumers using the trends and happiness theory. As humans, we have a deep-seated desire to satisfy basic drivers to increase our overall happiness in life. Our five happiness drivers […]