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Reviews of the research / consumer insight industry, global economic matters, industry overviews with survey elements, etc.

research enterprise asia

What Makes a Research Enterprise in Asia?

research enterprise asia

  Over the next few editions of Asia Research, we will interview the heads of some of our sponsor research agencies to understand what is needed to ‘make’ a research enterprise in Asia. We look at the success factors, the challenges, and the opportunities for […]

Healthcare retail

Transforming the Retail Industry Through Healthcare in Asia

Healthcare retail

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the retail industry in Asia. In an attempt to mitigate the losses that many businesses within the industry have suffered during the pandemic, retail stores are trying to capitalise on the healthcare industry. For example, in the United States, the […]

Digital transformation

The global pandemic has been a catalyst for change in nearly all industry sectors. It has perhaps provided the biggest boost to the research technology and online panel business since its first appearance in Asia about 20 years ago. There have been two main driving […]

Has the Pandemic Changed the Face of Marketing in India, Singapore?

Of the many changes the world has gone through in the past year since the start of the pandemic, consumer behaviour and evolving expectations from brands is an important one that is also critical for marketers and advertisers. To understand how marketers have reacted to […]

2021 Predictions: Tech-Led Market Research Becomes Core to Businesses

2020 will be remembered as one of the most unparalleled and unpredictable years the global economy has ever witnessed. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create disruption across the board, businesses in every sector have been forced to adapt to ever-changing and growing challenges. As […]

International Schooling in a Post COVID-19 World

As Pfizer and Moderna announce COVID-19 vaccines with 90% efficacy, we might at last be able to think about a real ‘Post Covid-19’ world. World economies have been battered, and we will be dealing with the effects for many years to come. The international school […]

pricing research

Should you perform pricing research during these unprecedented times?

pricing research

The effects of the Asian recession are predicted to linger long after this initial hit. Pre-COVID levels of GDP are not expected to rebound until late 2021. Amidst the uncertainty, you may be wondering: Should I conduct pricing or portfolio research now? Can I rely […]

Post-pandemic strategies for the Japanese tourism industry

Countries in lockdown, airline companies barely afloat. What is there for the tourism industry besides government bailouts? Ubiquitous ads have lost their touch. Catching up with target audience insights is the key. Taiwan is falling out with Japan in tourism and physical goods Japan has […]

The Economic Fallout of COVID-19 in Singapore

What can we expect? The stated actions from consumers, e.g. via survey research, are not always deemed reliable. But the COVID-19 lockdown has given people plenty of time to think, so System 2 thinking can be a fair indicator of intended actions, particularly regarding more […]

Recovery Through Optimism

How consumer and business morale can help build economic recovery Most economies go through periodic downturns, and the road to recovery is partly built upon improving consumer and business confidence and optimism. Asia has benefitted from quick recoveries from crises in the past – e.g. […]

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