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Precious Time – Consumer Trends at Join the Dots

At Join the Dots, our Singapore and UK Consumer Trends teams are working closely to develop and identify the trends and drivers that are best suited to understanding consumer needs and behaviours in Asia. In the middle of development, we noticed that while there are […]

It’s about Data, Technology and Speed

E-commerce has revolutionised the way that businesses and consumers have interacted over the last decade. Consumers are increasingly shopping online, generating massive sales volume. In the United States, e-commerce revenue grew over 20,000-fold from 1998 to last year. But it is not just consumers and […]

Online Market Research the Japanese Way

Online research comes of age From my start in the industry in the mid-2000s, I have seen online research grow in popularity and acceptance in Japan. Over time, I have seen inherent resistance towards online drop as Japanese companies have come to rely more and […]

The pressure for faster insights in MR

Fuelled by tech firms that are not focusing on complex methodology, researchers are gathering quick insights and current data. Tech start-ups have moved rapidly into the marketing research arena, facilitating easier access to quick surveys through innovative platforms and tools that include support for mobile-based […]

Taking the Fluff Out of Qualitative Research

The need for “greater insight” and for researchers to make stronger recommendations to marketing departments is encouraging corporations to seek more in-depth consumer insight through qualitative research. The annual Asia Research staff survey shows that the “walls” between qualitative and quantitative are breaking down. These […]

Satisficing And What It Can Do to Your Data

What is satisficing? Satisficing is a term that was first coined by Herbert Simon to explain his theory of bounded rationality. In his theory, he pointed out that human beings are bounded by “cognitive limits” which compel them to seek a satisfactory or adequate result […]

Strategies for maximizing survey credibility

Long ago, a client asked me, “What’s the use of paying money to conduct research if no one believes the results and the report sits on a shelf collecting dust rather than stimulating action?” Over 40 years as a marketing research vendor has convinced me […]