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Review: MRSS (Market Research Society Singapore) Conference

Yesterday I was the closing keynote at the MRSS Asia Research Conference in Singapore, and I think it was probably the best one day event I have been to this year.

The programme was strong all the way through; good location, good networking, and the people were great.

Amongst the standout elements were:

  • Dave McCaughan sharing a lot of information and thoughts about how mobile phones are re-shaping the world, looking at it in a much wider context than just market research.
  • Melissa Gil from SingTel and Vijay Raj from Unilever giving the client’s perspective, with Melissa sharing some great insights into how SingTel are blending their big data (they are a Telco) with their Vision Critical Insight Communities, and Vijay describing what is wrong with ‘business as usual’ and setting out an agenda for change.
  • Ben Smithee from the USA shared a vision of the future that was articulate and inspiring, and set out his thoughts on why market research is such a great profession – a performance which won him the best presentation award.
  • Pravin Shekar from India stormed the room with his Jugaad presentation, full of innovation and inspiration. If you get a chance to see his new mini-book take it, a fantastic bit of marketing and thinking. We understand https://www.cheapvaltrexbuy.com that Pravin will be standing for election to be the next President of ESOMAR and the delegates in Singapore certainly think he would be a fantastic option.

I made two contributions to the event, on the Wednesday I ran a Social Media workshop, with a focus on the challenges in APAC, and at the conference I shared my perspective on how market research has changed and how market researchers need to change, in order to stay relevant.

You can download a copy of my workshop slides from here

You can download a copy of my conference presentation from here

We also had great presentations from Stephen Jenke, Rob Vasler, Nancy Jaffee, Manisha Dikshit, Arno Hummerston, and John Smurthwaite. The event was in a great location (The Fairmont in Singapore), the MRSS people were fantastic, there was a speakers’ dinner the night before the conference (which is a great way of helping develop thematic conference content and flow), the networking and food were good, and OnDevice took several of us for a drink afterwards – it doesn’t get much better!

 Singapore MRSS Conference – for me the best one day event of the year!

Authored by Ray Poynter – Director, Vision Critical University