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The SME Series by BDRC Asia Case studies of successful small & medium enterprises and how they have or have not used market research – interview with Daniel Tay, Founder of Bakerzin Singapore is one of the world’s leading destinations for cuisine with a fusion […]

Annual Packaged Grocery Sales In Asia Up 13%, Volume Up 6%

Despite global economic uncertainty and slowing GDP growth, annual packaged grocery sales in Asia Pacific increased 13 percent in the past year while volume sales increased by six percent, according to a report released today by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights […]

Online Supermarkets in Shanghai: Growing Popularity

The rapid growth of online shopping in Shanghai is beginning to have a significant impact on the retail sales of drinks, groceries, snacks and personal care products as online supermarkets grow in popularity. A consumer market research study conducted by DDMA Market Research China among […]

Global Baby Food Market

The global baby food market is expected to reach US$38.7 billion by 2015. The market is growing at a fast pace especially in developing economies, favouring improved industry investments to move ahead in these regions. The U.S. and European markets will still account for a […]

The way in sustainable seafood sourcing

Fish and seafood are standard daily fare in many countries. The demand for this is stronger than ever as more consumers are looking to augment their diets with healthier alternatives. Seafood is, however, not a limitless supply. According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, […]

Sustainable packaging – beverage carton industry

The packaging industry has seen its share of new developments and changes, especially in this day and age of increased awareness of economic and environmental concerns. The increased awareness of economic and environmental concerns has led the packaging industry to new developments and changes. The […]

Prospects for the beer industry are spilling forth

Increased beer consumption has made Asia the world’s largest beer market, overtaking Europe. Analysts predict that the earnings of Asia’s beer market will reach over US$144 billion in 2012. According to industry experts, Asia currently accounts for 31.7% of global beer consumption, compared to a […]

Organic Food – a growth market

In recent years, more and more consumers are becoming health-conscious. This awareness has led companies to develop alternative offerings in the organic food market. Major companies are making organic food more accessible by increasing their organic food offerings. Walmart is providing organic food choices in […]

Coffee Chains address sustainability

Different international coffee-shop chains are taking significant steps in moving their business toward sustainability. Although going green or doing ethical business is not new, uncertain economic conditions have made companies realise that addressing sustainable business practices can be a means of gaining competitive advantage. At […]

Coconut Water Health Drink

  Coconut water’s popularity can be attributed in part to its rich nutritional content. The sweet clear liquid, produced by young green coconuts, has long been touted as a natural remedy for kidney pains and various urinary tract infections. Natural coconut water is chock-full of […]