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Win the Battle for Market Share: Launching Risk-Free NPDs

Many new products are introduced every year, but only 20% of them succeed. Every brand knows that planning and successfully launching New Product Developments (NPDs) is a challenge – and experts Stijn Smet (Managing Director, AfCE), Angeliki Maragkou (Global Strategic Insights & Analytics Director, Head […]

Insights in an inflationary environment

As optimism grows globally that the end of the COVID pandemic may be in sight, manufacturers are increasingly grappling with a new challenge: inflationary pressures. Demand has surged after the decline caused by the pandemic. Unlike some past episodes of inflation, which were more driven […]

Electric Vehicle

Gen X: The Marketing Blind Spot?

Young consumers have always been the key focus of attention for marketers in Asia. With a population that is young (over half the population of India and over a third of the population of China are under the age of 30) and a world that […]

Creating Epic Experiences for Parents

Creating Epic Experiences for Parents

Creating Epic Experiences for Parents

Recommendations from other parents are one of the key reasons for international schools getting into the consideration set of parents. Parent surveys, such as those run by BVA BDRC, can inform a school in what areas they are satisfying parents, but what really drives recommendations […]

Esports in Asia

Asia Leads the Way in Esports Growth

Esports in Asia

Esports, or electronic sports, refers to the competitive world of video gaming, which often takes the form of organised tournaments, participated in by professional gamers and viewed by a large audience. During the COVID-19 outbreak, many sports fans have missed live sporting action, and esports […]

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