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Understanding Consumers through Their Mobile Activity

mobile research

A consumer’s thoughts, preferences, and desires can be determined through their online search, browse, stream and surf activity. In the history of marketing, there has never been a more direct, intimate, and current window into the soul of consumers than their online behaviour. In Asia, […]

COVID-19 is Making Esports Mainstream

COVID-19 is Making Esports Mainstream

COVID-19 is Making Esports Mainstream

The numbers don’t lie – esports has been on the rise for a while now. The industry is valued at close to 1.1 billion dollars today and is expected to grow at an average of 13% through to 2023. While North America, China, and South […]

E-commerce platforms saved businesses in Asia during global pandemic

How E-Commerce Saved Businesses During Covid-19

E-commerce platforms saved businesses in Asia during global pandemic

Covid-19 has caused severe disruption to many businesses across the world, as many retail and F&B outlets, among others, were instructed by governments to stop their services in an attempt to curb the deadly virus. As a result, many companies within these industries were forced […]

Optimise Your E-Commerce Strategies for Disrupted Consumer Behaviour

A massive acceleration in online activity has been one of the most obvious changes to consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis. Whether or not consumers revert to old habits and choices will depend on whether the new experience is a good one or not. With […]

Increasing Online Conversion by Reducing Psychological Distance

In today’s crowded online marketplace, we all face the same challenge: how do we attract and convert shoppers? While increased media spend is an almost guaranteed way to attract more people to an online platform, getting them to actually buy is a whole different ball […]

Singapore’s Top Ten Favourite Brands in 2017

MILO  has been ranked as Singapore consumers’ favourite brand, according to the latest brand survey from Superbrands, which was conducted by the research agency BDRC Asia earlier this year, in September 2017. The latest findings from Superbrands identified over 500 of Singapore consumers’ favourite brands […]

Here and Now – Consumer Trends at Join the Dots

Our philosophy at Join the Dots is that consumer trends are a result of our desire to satisfy basic human drivers and in particular the need to increase happiness. Recent research into Positive Psychology has identified that there are five areas which aid human happiness. […]

Powering Your Brand for Growth in Southeast Asia

The recent release by WPP and Millward Brown of the 2015 BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands showed that brand value has risen substantially over the past 10 years despite economic and societal disruptions. The total brand value of the Top 100 now stands […]

Sex Appeal – 4 Tips for Marketing Men’s Products

Although men, in general, can be cut-throat competitive, goal-oriented, interested in power and, frankly, wired very differently from their female counterparts, marketers must focus first on aptly targeted emotional marketing and the relevant benefits that products can provide before focusing on who is making the […]

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