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Integrating Insights With Activation In This Mobile Age

Asia Research Seminar – April 2018

By Gref Lipper, Chief Happiness Officer, Happi

Traditionally, researchers have been forbidden to engage consumers in a sales process. Does mobile technology enable an ethical way to integrate insights with activation? Happi is a consumer engagement insight app with applications in insights, promotions, recruitment and employee engagement. The Happi Hug enables marketers to go from concept, to test, to activation, to insight, to refined idea in hours while serving the client, protecting the individual, and benefiting the community. Happi’s founder will present the Happi Hug and seek input about the usefulness and appropriateness of this approach.

As an entrepreneur & consultant, Greg Lipper has been creating new businesses in innovative ways, managing sales teams and building businesses in Asia for 30 years. His career spans executive positions with Mitshubishi COrporation, Mercer, and HP as well as three startups and a dozen years as a consultant helping foreign technology companies enter Asian markets.