The Power of the Pull Factor

Asia Research Seminar – April 2018 By Neha Jendal, Client Operations Director, Lightspeed Research How product innovation, smart communications, and disruptors can help corporations win over new customers Neha Jindal leads the operations teams for all projects across the Asia-Pacific region. Alongside process and delivery, she is […]

Using Behaviour Science For Brand Growth

Asia Research Seminar – April 2018 By James Redden, Managing Director of 2CV in Asia We are not rational, value-maximizing beings.  Instead, emotion and mental short-cuts drive our behaviour and decision-making. These short cuts (or cognitive biases) play a significant role when we buy products […]

What Truly Matters: A Connected Experience

Asia Research Seminar – April 2018 By Cassandra Tan & Aparajita Roy, Kantar Millward Brown There have never been so many ways to connect with consumers.  There has never been so much data to measure performance, and never so many agencies promising connections to clients. […]

Integrating Insights With Activation In This Mobile Age

Asia Research Seminar – April 2018 By Gref Lipper, Chief Happiness Officer, Happi Traditionally, researchers have been forbidden to engage consumers in a sales process. Does mobile technology enable an ethical way to integrate insights with activation? Happi is a consumer engagement insight app with […]

The unpredictable generation – YouGov (Singapore)

If the research industry learned anything from the outcomes of Brexit and Trump’s 2016 presidential bid, it’s that our models for gauging public opinion and predicting future behaviour need to evolve. To overcome the constraints of traditional, top-down approaches to online polling, YouGov applied a […]

Reaching far and wide …- BDRC Asia Indonesia

For too long, Indonesia has been dependent on offline data collection, taking too long, and only reaching just part of the much wider market in Indonesia. Mobile research and online video technology is going further into consumer markets in Indonesia. With two case studies, BDRC […]

How to measure true ad effectiveness – SSI

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” John Wanamaker, pioneer of marketing is famously reputed to have said that. However, it is not licence to shrug and ignore the problem when it is possible to […]

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