Seminar Highlights

Asia Research is the leading organiser of research seminars in Southeast Asia. Our highly popular Breakfast Seminars feature papers from industry thought – leaders, providing a social and interactive format to facilitate the sharing of knowledge with our buy – side and sell – side […]

The State of the Industry Address 3

The 3rd in the Asia Research series of ‘research on research’, we report on ‘The State of the Market Research Industry’ in Singapore. Based on in-depth research conducted with a range of market research buyers in Singapore earlier this year, we report on the issues […]

Consumer Psychology 101: From Theory to Practice

Drawing on material from the consumer psychology training she led for the UK’s Market Research Society, Karen’s talk will take us from theory to practice. She will demonstrate the power of mental heuristics and context on our decision making, and the implications for us as […]

The Trip Advisors for Consumer Products

What if respondents came to you wanting to try your products, and then became your product advocates? Traditional product testing usually involves laborious home placements or central location tests, but the results of great product reviews can be left sitting idle in the insight department. […]

Using Behaviour Science For Brand Growth

We are not rational, value-maximizing beings.  Instead, emotion and mental short-cuts drive our behaviour and decision-making. These short cuts (or cognitive biases) play a significant role when we buy products and services.  And as they are typically unconscious to the buyer, they can be capitalized […]

What Truly Matters: A Connected Experience

There have never been so many ways to connect with consumers.  There has never been so much data to measure performance, and never so many agencies promising connections to clients. But is more better?  How do we avoid creating confusing and disparate impressions for brands?  […]

Integrating Insights With Activation In This Mobile Age

Traditionally, researchers have been forbidden to engage consumers in a sales process. Does mobile technology enable an ethical way to integrate insights with activation? Happi is a consumer engagement insight app with applications in insights, promotions, recruitment and employee engagement. The Happi Hug enables marketers […]

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