Feeling the gap: … Tapestry Works / Asia Research

In this presentation, Neil will share examples of using visual card sorts to measure how people feel about categories, brands and employers in terms of both their current feelings and their future aspirations. The gap between the aspirations and reality has been shown to be […]

Kicking up a commotion – Brainjuicer Southeast Asia

Contrary to current models of marketing, behavioral science has actually shown that famous brand building communication relies on hitting the bullseye of just three measures. We’ll share and discuss how Fame, Feeling, and Fluency are the key things you need to measure to know where […]

It’s all about effort – BDRC Asia

Net Promoter Scoring (NPS) is viewed as a better predictor of repurchase intent than Customer Satisfaction ratings, and is now embedded in many corporations customer loyalty tracking studies. But can we do better than this? ‘Customer Effort’ is a new model developed in the last […]

Taking games seriously – DEKA Marketing Research

Presentation abstracts Taking Games Seriously – Changing rules for a changing world This presentation will examine new enabling tools in the manner of games that can be used to convert and enrich the conventional focus group discussion. This shall be demonstrated using a couple of […]

Think Happy! … – Join the Dots

Today’s brands are faced with a new set of challenges; consumers are more demanding and savvy than ever before. Just as consumers are re-dontdontevaluating the brands they buy into, we believe now is the time for the research industry to re-dontdontevaluate the way we think […]

Is passive massive or are samples ample? – BDRC Continental

Passive measurement can help content producers and media owners navigate an increasingly complex audience environment in both established and new media. The future of media measurement requires a shift in mindset among both suppliers and clients to monetize media audiences and users’ engagement effectively. A […]

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