2021 Predictions: Tech-Led Market Research Becomes Core to Businesses

2020 will be remembered as one of the most unparalleled and unpredictable years the global economy has ever witnessed. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to create disruption across the board, businesses in every sector have been forced to adapt to ever-changing and growing challenges. As […]

Move to More DIY Research

The Asia Research Stakeholder Survey showed that 48% of clients put ‘faster turnaround of research’ as a ‘high priority’ for their research needs in the next year, and 37% also state it is a high priority to undertake more DIY research. These findings reflect some […]

Fusing Insight with Data Science

Asia Research has interviewed Joaquim Bretcha, the new president of ESOMAR, about what the research business should be doing to adapt to the new consumer insight ecosystem. Despite the pressure on the research business, ESOMAR continues to report year-on-year growth, with Asia Pacific still being […]

A Different Kind of Panel

The SME Series from BVA BDRC Interview with Alexia Sichere & Maelle Pochat, founders of the consumer product review site Try & Review In 2016, two French entrepreneurs in Singapore decided to set up a product review site where consumers could share their thoughts and […]

Interview: Ruchika Gupta – Borderless Access at MRMW 2017

Related session at APAC MRMW 2017: Path of discovery – Unravelling consumer decision making in the digital world Making surveys popular amongst customers through innovative mobile research methods – Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger How does popular digital app based research insights transform into actionable verdicts Is […]

Interview: Deepak Chandran– Fonterra at MRMW 2017

Related session at APAC MRMW 2017 Panel Discussion: Embracing technology to stay relevant in a new era of consumer insights covered the following: Keeping pace with new technology trends and integrating them into your research toolbox New tools – new insights: can we really generate […]

Interview: Evan Williams – UBER at MRMW APAC 2017

Related session at APAC MRMW 2017: Bits and Atoms – Balancing limitless data with human truths to generate insights Uber as a company is fundamentally built on and driven by data. However, as we get scale, there are certain fundamental human truths we need to […]

Interview: Simon van Duivenvoorde – Wakoopa at MRMW 2017

Related session at APAC MRMW 2017: Online shopping behavior in Asia – Comparing cross-device consumer behavior using passive metering in Japan and Taiwan Combining traditional research with passive metering to enhance insight generation Integrating survey data with online behavior Revealing the overall purchase behavior and […]

Interview: Dr. Satoshi Tsujimoto– Nielsen at MRMW 2017

Related session at APAC MRMW 2017: Lift creative ROI and win consumers with neuroscience in the age of distraction With the rapid spread and influence of technology, consumers today are bombarded by a myriad of advertisements on multiple devices and digital platforms. Rise above the […]

Interview: François Pétavy– eYeka at MRMW 2017

Related session at APAC MRMW 2017: Speeding up the ideation process through crowdsourced intelligence How is crowdsourcing adopted today by the world’s leading brands? Crowdsourced ideation methodology & key success factors Examples of applications and results across verticals Practical case study: P&G Pantene ___ François […]