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What Truly Matters: A Connected Experience

Asia Research Seminar – April 2018

By Cassandra Tan & Aparajita Roy, Kantar Millward Brown

There have never been so many ways to connect with consumers.  There has never been so much data to measure performance, and never so many agencies promising connections to clients.

But is more better?  How do we avoid creating confusing and disparate impressions for brands?  How do we help clients ensure they’re measuring what really matters?

Generating true momentum is about creating a cohesive experience for people.  In this paper we will look at what we know gives strong ROI and what can actually damage brands, as well as who we can learn from today in APAC.

As a millennial, Cassandra Tan has experienced the digital evolution and witnessed the rise and fall of devices, gadgets and platforms.  Within the industry, she has spent more than 7 years working with global and regional brands to tackle challenges in the way content is served, how people consume content and how media ROI can be achieved.

Aparajita Roy has worked in India and Indonesia both client and agency side.  Her 12 years of experience in this region comes handy when it is about how to create meaningful engagement with consumers and maximize media ROI.  At Kantar Millward Brown she is helping top Global and Regional clients solve complex business challenges.