Human Resources

HR issues effecting the research industry, e.g. recruitment, talent management, training, staff surveys, etc.

Thriving in 2021 by Being Relevant

A challenging and strange year has come to a close, and I am curious. Did you use this time to slow down, reflect, and start developing plans and resolutions for the new year? During a meetup with a former colleague, she shared that the craziness […]

Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Working

COVID-19 has brought about an unprecedented change across the world. As the world went into lockdown across continents, offices were forced to pull down their shutters and employees had to stay at home. Employers had to improvise quickly or risk losing their businesses. What was […]

To be more Customer-Centric, Fight Against the Pull of ‘Company Gravity’

‘Customer-centricity’ has become the (new) alpha and omega of business transformations. However, despite their claimed determination, corporate initiatives often struggle to bring about real cultural changes. Though companies are constantly testing new solutions to get closer to their customers (design thinking, agile methods…), they often […]

Recruitment Review

The start of the year saw the team at Resources Group catch up with key market research agency employers across the APAC region to hear their views on the recruitment marketplace and the skills that are in greatest demand. THE THEMES We heard that 2017 […]

The push for flexible working in Asia

The newly published 2017 Gender Diversity Report from recruitment expert Hays has revealed that flexible working is highly sought after by employees in Asia. The report, which is based on a survey of workers from 30 industry sectors in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and […]

The Annual Staff Satisfaction survey

Asia Research recently concluded its 8th annual cross-industry staff satisfaction survey. Conducted online among 286 market research professionals across Asia, including 64 from client organisations, this survey has tapped the sentiment of a range of research professionals to assess their levels of satisfaction with their […]

Attraction and Retention of Female Leadership

Gender diversity is a topic of much debate in almost every industry, not only within market research. What can be done to attract more women and promote them to leadership roles? According to the 7th annual cross-industry staff satisfaction survey conducted by Asia Research in […]

Is There Really Work-Life Balance? [Part One]

Drawing from years of experience in different industries, one can safely say that the plan for work–life balance depends on the individual manager and the terms negotiated before appointment. However, the reality appears to be another matter entirely. Life as a researcher falls very much […]

New Norms @ Work Study

Professionals in Singapore have become more confident about speaking up and are becoming more assertive at work, according to new research by LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network. The New Norms @ Work study shows that 58% of professionals would now challenge their colleagues […]