Methods for accessing respondents, survey platforms / interfaces, data analysis, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

How AI and predictive insights may provide a window into the future

Businesses are always trying to stay one step ahead of their customers, trying to develop products and services that will best suit their needs. Market research has always been one of the tools in the kit to help businesses plan for the future, testing reactions […]

NFTs and Their Role in the Metaverse in Asia

Of late, the terms ‘NFT’ and ‘Metaverse’ have been much talked about worldwide. The novelty of these concepts has inspired debate as many are trying to understand them. Governments have also been part of the discussion as they grapple with the likely need to regulate […]

Electric Vehicle
E-commerce in APAC

APAC E-Commerce – The Next Online Shopping Standard

E-commerce in APAC

The pandemic was one of the catalysts of the ‘e-comm boom’ and it caused a huge number of new online shoppers and businesses to join the game. But even before the health crisis, the Asian digital market was already leading the way with its innovative […]

Consumer decision journey

6 steps for more accurate & actionable consumer decision journey insights

Consumer decision journey

UNCOVERING MORE ACCURATE AND ACTIONABLE CONSUMER DECISION JOURNEYS Nearly all consumer decision journeys have shifted since the COVID-19 crisis – new journeys have emerged, while others have been reshaped.  As malls emptied in Asia, e-commerce and other digital trends were accelerated, while small neighbourhood stores […]

Influence the online shopper journey

Influence the online shopper journey by applying psychographic insights

Influence the online shopper journey

When looking to understand and influence the online shopper journey, there is a tendency to focus on touchpoints, like social media, reviews, and online retailers. However, there’s an alternative view of segmentation that digital marketers could consider: psychographics. Because consumer journeys are highly personal – […]

Health and Wellness Apps in Asia

Health and wellness apps are not new in Asia. However, these apps have grown tremendously in popularity, especially in the last few months when COVID-19 has gotten many of us to be more conscious about health and wellness than ever before. High smartphone penetration, coupled […]

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