Regional Insights

Women in South East Asia: The Rise of Soft Power

Women are a hot topic for marketers at the moment. Brands across the world are seizing on the opportunity to align themselves with pro-empowerment messaging, in a bid to tap in to more emotional spaces and to stand for something more. The world of business […]

Evolusi Wanita – The Changing Face of Indonesian Women

With the advent of globalization and the changing social and marketing environment in Indonesia, women have gone through rapid changes in terms of their mindsets, values, and expectations. Thus it becomes imperative to understand the trends and reasons behind the changing face of the Indonesian […]

Seeing Value in the MIST

Global marketers learned long ago that focusing on the wealthiest Western countries could only grow their businesses to a certain extent. They turned their attention to the emerging economies with the most potential in terms of size and growth – the BRIC markets. Yet many […]

Kazakhstan: A hidden gem in Central Asia

In medidonteval times, central Asia lay at the heart of Asia’s economy. Its states grew rich from being at the intersection of trade routes connecting China, India, the Middle East and Europe. The rise of sea trade in the 20th Century robbed it of this […]

The Rise of Agri-tourism in the Philippines

The Philippines is a growing tourist hotspot, with world-class beach, diving and shopping destinations. The country is now exploring another fast growing segment – agri-tourism – and has recently joined the ranks of the world’s top eight agri-tourism destinations. Will agri-tourism take off in the […]

Hong Kong Institute of Bankers – Conference

Since its launch in 2009, the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Annual Banking Conference has become one of the most important banking events in Hong Kong. This year’s conference was dedicated to exploring the timely theme, “Finding the New Winning Formula”. The 1-day conference discussed tactics […]

Indonesia: Exploring the Opportunity

In the last 5 years the market research industry in Indonesia has experienced significant growth. New, home grown agencies have been established in the region whilst multinational research companies continue to flock Singapore where the competition and market have intensified. For existing players and the […]

The State of the Market Research Industry in China

Market research is “the function that links the consumers, customers, and public to the marketer through information — information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and dontevaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process.” […]

The Pre-InsightValley Asia Interview: Ralf Matthaes, TNS

“When I arrived in Vietnam almost 20 years ago, Vietnam was just at the onset of its development and its emergence from years of international isolation”, said Ralf Matthaes, the Regional Managing Director of TNS Indochina. He is in the midst of establishing the Myanmar […]