Case studies

Insight into specific products, categories, consumer groups, or geographic markets

Context Makes People Remember TV Ads

This was the headline finding from our multi-award winning research for Channel 4 around Contextual Moments – Channel 4’s new AI driven TV advertising technology that enables the broadcaster to place a brand’s ads next to relevant scenes in a linear TV show. It could […]

Implicit Mobile Research Can Minimise Response Bias in Asian Markets

Marketers are realising that the rapidly changing digital landscape requires new methods to accurately assess how today’s consumers think and behave. To evoke everyday uses of mobile technology, these new methods should be entertaining, replacing fact-based questions with fast-paced intuitive exercises. Implicit mobile research also […]

Don’t Believe It’s All About Change!

We are often told that it is “all about change”, particularly when it comes to technology and how media is delivered to us these days. Indeed, much is about change, such as how emerging markets can go from low to high media consumption by leapfrogging […]

[Infographic] 5 Reasons the Halal Market is the Next BIG THING

Growing at an estimated annual rate of 20 percent, the Halal Industry is a booming business on a global scale. In fact, the Halal food market now makes up about 19 percent of the global food market. From food to health care and everything in […]

The Growing Importance of Social Media for Business

Social media has become a major part of everyday life. Often these platforms get a reputation for sharing food choices or selfies, and the usage numbers show that Thailand’s social media has one of the highest usage rates in the world, yet there has been […]

Beauty in Asia: Skin Care versus Makeup

To give you a look into how much Asia is a melting pot of diversified values, we did a little comparison on the different notions towards Make-up and Skincare in Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. Based on the frequency of applying Make-up vs Skincare (Top 2 […]

Reaching Asia’s Affluent Millennials

Millennials: the latest group that advertisers are looking to reach, even though there is still no consensus on when this generation starts and ends. This is very worrying from a marketing perspective—how can we target them if we don’t know exactly who they are? Despite […]

Technology Expressions

Create Lab is an educational institution that helps children to become “expressive in using technology”. Established in July 2015, it is the brainchild of two investment bankers, Thilan Wickramasinghe and Dhruv Vohra, who had the vision of better preparing children for using technology in the […]

E-Commerce in China expected to slow but growth remains strong

Global market intelligence agency Mintel has released a new report <Haitao Shopping-China 2017> predicting that the Haitao market would peak within China’s overall online retail market. It also reveals that the total combined online cross-border (including Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer) e-commerce market in China grew 10%, […]