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The Modern Muslim Opportunity

There are estimated to be around 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, or about 23% of the world’s population. In Asia-Pacific, where around 62% of the world’s Muslims live, nearly 1-in-4 people are Muslim (Pew Research). Islam prescribes many aspects of daily life, so it […]

Women in South East Asia: The Rise of Soft Power

Women are a hot topic for marketers at the moment. Brands across the world are seizing on the opportunity to align themselves with pro-empowerment messaging, in a bid to tap in to more emotional spaces and to stand for something more. The world of business […]

Hong Kong: Purchase Journey for Flight Tickets

Armed with multiple mobile devices, highly connected consumers in today’s digital era are transforming the travel sector’s landscape into an increasingly professionalized one, especially in a developed market like Hong Kong. Transactions which were once carried out face-to-face have progressively been brought online, with 65 […]

The Power of Three: Art, Technology, and Business

Hyper Island saw the Internet before it happened! When Hyper Island set up operations twenty years ago, they could see how the coming together of multiple disciplines in multimedia computing would have new applications in business. However, there was a need to train a new […]

Islamic Consumers: The Next Billion

If you consider that in the next 17 years, there will be 2.2 billion Muslims in the world, the size of the population of China and India put together, your views as a marketing and research professional on the “Next Billion” may get somewhat altered. […]

The Golden Age of Co-creation

Engage and empower the consumer for deeper levels of engagement According to figures released in October 2013 by China’s central state news organization, Xinhuanet, Chinese tourists are set to make 100 million overseas journeys in 2014, a rise in excess of 10% on this year, […]

Doctors for Indoor Air – The Fusion of Science & Business

In Vitro Pte Ltd is a research and manufacturing company “dedicated to the use of natural technology for enhancing the human experience”.  Singapore has one of the highest global per capita consumption of concrete to feed its booming construction industry, yet it is also known […]

Indonesia: The social media capital of the world

Indonesia is a country that is far too often associated with paddy fields and beaches rather than seen for what it really is – a young, buzzing country quick to adopt anything and everything new, especially when it comes to mobile. Source: Semiocast, July 2013 […]

Courting the Asian Luxury Consumer

After years of exceptional growth, a slowdown in luxury retail spending in Asia has been reported recently, in “Rich Pickings”, a report on the Asian luxury goods market by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The report and many other media outlets stated that this can […]