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Beauty in Asia: Skin Care versus Makeup

To give you a look into how much Asia is a melting pot of diversified values, we did a little comparison on the different notions towards Make-up and Skincare in Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. Based on the frequency of applying Make-up vs Skincare (Top 2 […]

Reaching Asia’s Affluent Millennials

Millennials: the latest group that advertisers are looking to reach, even though there is still no consensus on when this generation starts and ends. This is very worrying from a marketing perspective—how can we target them if we don’t know exactly who they are? Despite […]

Technology Expressions

Create Lab is an educational institution that helps children to become “expressive in using technology”. Established in July 2015, it is the brainchild of two investment bankers, Thilan Wickramasinghe and Dhruv Vohra, who had the vision of better preparing children for using technology in the […]

E-Commerce in China expected to slow but growth remains strong

Global market intelligence agency Mintel has released a new report <Haitao Shopping-China 2017> predicting that the Haitao market would peak within China’s overall online retail market. It also reveals that the total combined online cross-border (including Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer) e-commerce market in China grew 10%, […]

Tap into Emerging Markets with Feature Phone-Friendly Surveys

Mobile phones, once enjoyed only by the more affluent consumers, are now ubiquitous across socioeconomic classes, and not just for voice and texting. For more than two billion people worldwide, it is the channel through which they access the Internet. In contrast, only about 600 […]

Fit for Business – SME Series

With the closure of California Fitness, one might question the viability of the gym business in Singapore. However, the answer lies in moving with the times, and that is how UFIT (a holistic fitness organisation) has developed their business to include gym, bootcamps, sports education, […]

3 Steps to Improve Your POS ROI in Asia

While the retail landscape in Asia varies vastly, for most food categories the store floor remains a vital battleground, commanding more than 95 percent of sales. In this article, we will share three steps to help you improve your point-of-sale (POS) return on investment (ROI). […]

Shopper’s insights: Value for money

APAC Shoppers rank value for money as the top factor when choosing where to buy technical consumer goods – both online and offline In today’s challenging physical and digital global retail environment, it is imperative for both online and offline retailers to not only carry […]

Preponing Your Research in India?

What do you do when your client wants to do their research ahead of its scheduled time? Quite simple; Prepone it! ‘Prepone’ is a word coined by Indians and is defined in the New Oxford Dictionary of English as: “to bring forward to an earlier […]