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Reviews of the research / consumer insight industry, global economic matters, industry overviews with survey elements, etc.

The Product is so Good, No One Understands it!

As with most industries, innovation is the route to tomorrow’s profitable revenue.  As Professor Gary Hamel, leading strategy guru, points out: by the time an organization has wrung 5% of efficiency out of the current business concept, someone else would have already changed the rules […]

Research Return on Investment

“Why should I spend USD 40,000 on research instead of hiring another salesman?”  Well… how effective is your current sales force?  Are they selling the right products?  Are they communicating the right messages?  Are targeting the right customers, etc. etc? Demonstrating the contribution of market […]

The Rise of the “No Frills” Research Industry

Growth in demand for market research is also creating a proliferation of suppliers.  As with most industries, as markets mature there is inevitably a downward pressure on pricing, and the methods used by some research buyers to source quotes is fuelling this process. The open-tender […]

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