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Eight Survey Characteristics That Make Respondents Happy

  By Jackie Lorch, VP Global Knowledge Management, Survey Sampling International Survey Sampling International (SSI) asks participants at the end of every one in four surveys what they thought of their experience of the survey. If people say they were extremely satisfied, we’re curious to […]

Talent in On-Line Panel Companies

In March 2010, Asia Research interviewed Martin Filz, Regional Director for on-line panel company Research Now, and reports on the HR dynamics in on-line panel companies today. Martin comments that simply being an ‘on-line’ business tends to attract go getting individuals keen to develop a […]

Mobile Web Activity Measured for First Time

Mobile internet behavior has been quantified for the first time thanks to a ground-breaking research tool. Detailed insights on the mobile activity of over 200,000 mobile cheap ventolin internet consumers in three European countries have already been produced, thanks to GfK Retail and Technology’s unique […]

Will on-line make us better researchers?

By Piers Lee, Managing Director of Kadence International Pte Ltd and President of the Market Research Society of Singapore Asia Research completed its 3rd annual review of the on-line research business in Asia.  Such ‘reviews’ are in reality a window into the on-line research business […]

On-line Research is About to Leave Home

The World Wide Web is 18 years old and after some rebellious teenage years is about to mature into a very different adult than we all expected from its youthful promise.  With adulthood, comes the yearning to leave home and become independent, and that’s exactly […]

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