Case studies

Insight into specific products, categories, consumer groups, or geographic markets

Let there be fun!

Case studies of successful small & medium enterprises and how they have or have not used market research The hotel and hospitality business in Asia has been through turbulent times in the last decade. While local attractions in Singapore such as Resorts World, River Safari, […]

NFC Technology – the next big thing?

Industry experts forecast that mobile payments will exceed US5 billion by 2014. NFC is predicted to be the most-used solution for mobile payments, with global transactions to jump over US$ 150 billion. Micropayment services are expected to go mainstream, with many companies jostling for space. […]

On-line Research is About to Leave Home

The World Wide Web is 18 years old and after some rebellious teenage years is about to mature into a very different adult than we all expected from its youthful promise.  With adulthood, comes the yearning to leave home and become independent, and that’s exactly […]

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