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Reviews of the research / consumer insight industry, global economic matters, industry overviews with survey elements, etc.

Employer Image Survey: And The Winner Is…

This edition of the Asia Research staff satisfaction survey also captures the impressions people have of working for some of the bigger agencies in Asia, namely Nielsen, TNS, Ipsos, and Millward Brown (otherwise known as the “Big 4” agencies). As usual, we report the results […]

Trends and Predictions for 2015

What could happen in China in 2015? (McKinsey) What do you get when you add slower economic growth, greater volatility, and rising competition to more international flights and genuine Chinese innovation?   10 Trends that will shake up the Technology sector in China. (TNS) […]

The 2014 Asia Research Stakeholder Survey

The annual stakeholder survey conducted by Asia Research each year can be viewed as the “pulse” of the research business in Asia. The survey examines the changes that are taking place in market research and the outlook for businesses that operate in this industry. Covering […]

Digital & Media Predictions 2014

According to Millward Brown’s annual predictions for Digital and Media, multi-screen marketing will dominate in 2014. As the primary challenge, the report highlights the need for marketers to better understand consumer behavior a cross devices and adjust their investment accordingly. Marketers will need more in-depth audience […]

Happy to Serve

The Asia Research annual review of the online research industry in Asia The 2013 Asia Research buyer survey showed that 44% of clients in Singapore are now going direct to online panel companies for the survey needs. When you include clients’ own proprietary panels and […]

The Market Research Industry in Malaysia

For a comparatively small market of around 28 million, Malaysia keeps us researchers busy, due to its great cultural and linguistic diversity.  There are four broad race / language segments that can display distinctly different behaviour and attitudes and each of these needs to be […]

An Industry Still In Need Of Insight

By Piers Lee, President of the Market Research Society of Singapore Following one of the most difficult years for the research industry, at the start of 2010 the Market Research Society of Singapore (MRSS) initiated a survey of the research business in Singapore.  The objectives […]

The Large Agencies in Asia – SPECIAL REPORT

In many ways, the ‘Large Agencies’ hold a tighter grip in the Asian research business compared to Western markets.  Their market shares tend to be higher, since young industries and unsophisticated buyers are often attracted to ‘big names’.  Anyone who has delivered a credential presentation […]

Market Research Outsourcing: Where is it going?

By Phil Hearn, MRDC (Thailand) Ltd, Thailand. I can’t remember for sure when the first email from India dropped into my inbox, inviting me in eloquent English to send all my data processing to India. I was working in the UK at the time and, […]

The Product is so Good, No One Understands it!

As with most industries, innovation is the route to tomorrow’s profitable revenue.  As Professor Gary Hamel, leading strategy guru, points out: by the time an organization has wrung 5% of efficiency out of the current business concept, someone else would have already changed the rules […]